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Building the World's best AI-Enabled Autonomous Combat UAVs for the Defence Establishments of India & our Allies.

About Dilaton

We at Dilaton are an amazing team of enthusiasts with a single mission of working to ensure the safety and sovereignty of our nation. We bring in expertise in the following areas: Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Data Processing, Hardware & Software Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering.

What We Do?

We are building the world's smartest automonomus combat drones that can make their own decisions under pre-defined boundary conditions and is fully secure.

Need To do this?

Our drones can solve the following problems:
1. High human error in drone operation
2. GPS denied environment
3. Comms denied environment

Why to do this?

We do it to empower the Global Defence Establishments with Advanced Combat Capabilities through cutting-edge AI Technologies.


We are the winners of 2019 Animal-AI Olympics in Advanced Preferences Category. In this competition, organized by the University of Cambridge, the AI Agent was required to navigate itself in unknown environments only on visual input and at the same time search for objects while avoiding obstacles and threats.

We are now bringing the same technology out of simulation into the real world by putting it into our Autonomous Combat Drones.

AI Agent in this prestigious competition was tested on the ability to:

  • Maintain the knowledge of the existence of objects when they go out of sight.
  • Differentiate between quantities.
  • Build accurate predictive models to operate in environments where the ‘lights’ (the visual input) are set to go on and off at regular intervals, or to go off after a certain period of time.

We are now putting the same technology in UAVs to make them autonomous.

  • We have actively been working with the Indian Army since 2019.
    • We believe we are India’s best bet to take up this challenge of developing and deploying robust AI Pilots for our defence forces.

Redefining Defence

With the advancement of technologies, the whole concept of security and conflicts have gone through a transformation

Today the effectiveness of any defence establishment is not determined by the sheer size as it’s been demonstrated in multiple military conflicts in recent times The modern warfare is all about smartness and Intelligence with minimal human causality

Today the size and volume of people and armory is being replaced by:

  • 01 Advanced Intelligence

    Adding Intelligence to the devices to enhance the current human capability. This is not about replacing human with machines, but making machine more effective

  • The speed and agility with which any information is made available and processed, makes a difference between the winner and loser.

    Defence strategies are looking forward to systems where the information can be received as quickly as possible to get sufficient time to process and act upon

  • Data collection and processing is key to quality of decision making by our defence establishment.

    Reactive human action is being replaced by predictive data modelling, helping humans to take better decision

  • High quality Surveillance anywhere any time becomes important for enhanced security and effective combat capabilities. Security establishments need high quality surveillance data even from areas which cannot be reached by humans.


Achieved 1st Rank Globally

(Advanced Preferences Category)

2019 Animal-AI Olympics

AI Competition that translates vision-based animal cognition tasks into a testbed for Cognitive AI

(Organized by the University of Cambridge)

Awards and Recognition

Dilaton was adjudged the best company in the AI Animal World competition organized by University of Cambridge, which was sponsored by Amazon and other top technology companies in the world in one category out of 6 and best in Asia and 5th overall out of 90 shortlisted companies from around the globe.

Over the years, using our AI Technology Dilaton enabled the static Thermal Cameras used by the Army for manual Night Surveillance to engage in more active automated surveillance during Bio Warfare.

Core Beliefs

Augment Human Capability

Enhancing the current capabilities of our defence forces by building products which

  • Can work in areas in-accessible by humans
  • Collect information across any geography or demography
  • Can process Terabytes of data in no time

Empowering our customers

We are building solutions, systems, devices etc. which can empower our customers by providing actionable intelligence by facilitating optimal scenarios of operations

Thereby enable them to make get out of the human limits and provide data driven decision making.

Work with Conviction

We work with sheer

  • Passion
  • Perseverance
  • Grit
  • Conviction

To achieve our customer's objectives

Making Smarter

We make the devices and equipment smarter and intelligent by implementing our state of art frameworks of

  • Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Processing
  • Artificial Intelligence

Problem Solver

We believe in providing solutions for every

  • Requirement
  • Situation
  • Circumstances

Securing National Interests

We focus on achieving success in everything we do

Our success is aligned with the success of our customers, which is to secure our

  • Sovereignty
  • National Boundaries


Our Mission is to empower the Global Defence Establishments with Advanced Intelligence & Control Capabilities through Human-centred AI Technologies.


Our Vision is to become a Global Defence Technology Brand, leading the industry with our advanced AI-Enabled Autonomous Combat UAVs, proudly made in India.


We have a high sense of integrity towards our country, our work and our people. We stand firm and uphold our values that include reliability, learning, excellence, resilience and commitment.


Storm Drone is state of art drone based on AI Platform that enables autonomous navigation, gathering mission critical intelligence like real time video feed, building floor plans maps to redefine the military operations in Urban Areas. This mission critical intelligence would help in saving precious Soldiers and Civilians lives, before entering the buildings.

Storm Drone is designed to meet hardware requirements in accordance with the rugged and robust nature of operations.

Inbuilt Storm drone machine intellienge includes cutting edge breakthroughs in the field of broader AI, requires gathering, processing and intelligent decision making. Capacities like Optimized sensor Data, Exploration and Mapping, Obstacle avoidance and Control, among others.


Full autonomy eliminates the need for RF or teleoperation links. Operate indoors, subterranean, and within hardened structures.


Deep learning based algorithms to scalable simulations enables the development of new AI models to ensures Stormedrone is always evolving.


Bottom attachment points with connections to carry and deliver different kinds of Payloads. Work with Dilaton to create custom payloads.

Application of System

Counter Terrorism, Threat Monitoring, Creatition of Secure Zones, Monitoring of Disturbed Areas, Intelligence Analysis, Border Monitoring, Secure Places of Strategic Importance

Our Team

Innovator & entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in AI and technology leadership. As an entrepreneur, he is director in several successful start-up companies across a broad spectrum of industries and disciplines.

Alok Gautam CEO

IIM Ahmedabad

Engineer & entrepreneur specializing in execution and integrations of AI Applications. He has been involved in the development of drone navigation systems in complex denied GPS environments, as well as other technological projects in the same domain.

Nishant Singh CTO

IIT Kanpur

Seasoned product leader with years of experience in software engineering, product marketing and product management. He always probes into the strategic product direction and strives to surpass the expectations.

Kumar Mayank CPO

IIT Kanpur

A self-driven and motivated executive who offers diverse skills set in campaign management, leadership, strategic vision implementation and performance analysis. He is a strategic thinker with intellectual maturity and high ethical standards.

ParthJeet COO

KIIT Bhubaneshwar

An ex Fighting Arms Soldier - Strategizing to empower the businesses, organisations and communities with AI. He has a strong business acumen and analytical capability of identifying business trends and opportunities.

Tarun Ghanghas Business Development Head

IIM Ahmedabad

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